IPTV Smart Hotel System

IPTV system for smart hotels and clubs
• Can be used in star-rated hotels, express hotels, resorts and other scenes.
• Support live broadcast on-demand, self-run programs, high-definition movies, and information release.
• Voice intelligent interaction.
• Interfacing with passenger control system.
• It can be installed on set-top boxes, smart TVs, smart projectors, tablets, and smart phones.

• Intelligent voice control

Docking with the hotel’s intelligent voice system to achieve rich voice control functions: TV channel change, volume adjustment, surrounding scenic spots recommendation-city information knowledge base, massive video on demand, voice ordering-smart food recommendation, hotel service recommendation-want What you think, smart tour guides-route recommendations, smart appliances-voice control, etc.

• Customized interface

The main interface and menu of the system can upload background videos, pictures, music, etc. according to the different needs of the hotel, and place functional modules such as live broadcast, theater on-demand, peripheral information, and system docking for differentiated configuration.

• Live broadcast module

Central, provincial, local, overseas, and self-run programs.

• Bill query

Hotel guests can check real-time billing information on the room TV.

• News push

For hotel activities or notifications, text messages are sent to the guest room TV in real time and presented to guests in the form of scroll bars. Push can be divided into areas or designated rooms.

• Information Release

Hotel activities can be displayed on the TV in the guest room with text, pictures, and video.

• Mandatory interruption

Mandatory insertion of video, pictures, and text messages for issuing emergency information; for example: fire alarms, earthquake disasters, etc.

• Movies on demand

Genuine license, full HD (1080P) film source, high concurrency on-demand, local server storage and download do not occupy the hotel bandwidth, mobile phones scan the QR code on the TV to pay for viewing, the hotel does not need to pay.

• Order online

The TV ordering in the room is connected with the internal catering system, and the ordering fee is directly charged to the corresponding room, and the billing is unified to replace the traditional ordering method. TV ordering presents the dishes to guests in real time through high-definition and exquisite pictures, realizing self-service ordering in the room, increasing the convenience of the hotel.

• Recreation service

The system contains detailed introductions and service recommendations for hotel clubs, gymnasiums, swimming pools, restaurants, and bars, making it easy for guests to find hotel service items.

• Video doorbell

View real-time video images outside the door on the TV, and control unlocking through voice control or handheld remote control .

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